St Paul Lutheran Church

St Paul Lutheran Church
St Paul Lutheran Church, 1200 Walker St. Des Moines, next to East High School.
We are a multi lingual congregation. The 9 AM service is a small English speaking congregation. The 11AM service is Laotian.

My name is Wayne Almlie, I have stepped in for Pastor Bob Solberg who passed away just a few months ago. I serve the English speaking part of the church. As an English speaking congregation we have a choice to make, we can keep doing what we are doing and eventually just fad away, or we can strive to "Strengthen what remains" (Rev 3:2).

I believe there is room In Des Moines for a Conservative Lutheran church that has made a commitment towards traditional worship. Personally I am a traditional low church guy. Low church meaning not liturgical. I prefer sung hymns that are rich in theology to liturgy that is repeated every week and becomes rote.

Just so you know, we do have a pipe organ but don’t always have someone to play it. We have been using a boom box with digital music for our hymns when we need to.
I grew up American Lutheran Church in northwestern Minnesota. The pastor of my youth was a big believer in evangelism and was active in the "Lutheran Evangelistic Movement". I walked away from God as a teenager and got involved in the usual scene that teenagers get involved in, but I had a conversion experience at 17 that changed my life. So this is my back ground. I strive to preach both Law and Gospel, as Luther taught.

If you are looking for a new challenge in Des Moines, If you like the old Lutheranism of your mother's or even yourGrandmother's Lutheran church, then I would like to talk. Call me,  e-mail me or just show up for church sometime.

Wayne Almlie
My Testimony
Do you believe it's possible to be baptized, to be given the Scriptures as a child, to go to Sunday school, to do all the memory work, be confirmed and made a member of the church in good standing and still be lost, to be a stranger to Jesus Christ. That's my story.

To read complete testimony click on link below.

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Phouthaly Onelangsy
Pastor Phouthaly ministers to the Laotian congregation. He is currently taking seminary classes in order to be Ordained by the ELCA next year. Pastor Phouthaly was born in Laos as many of the older members were, so naturally Laotian is his first language, but has a pretty good handle on English as well.
The Evangelical Lutheran Church in 1959 used this definition for Evangelism. "Evangelism is applying the evangel (Gospel) to the hearts of men, to win the unsaved for Christ, to keep the believer in Christ, to recall the backslider to Christ, and to send the believer forth a witness for Christ."
9:00 Am English Service
11:00 AM Laotian Service
The English Service is traditional low church, meaning not liturgical. We use hymn books with traditional hymns sung to our pipe organ when we have someone to play it. We focus on the means of Grace, the preached word and the sacraments. We have communion every other week.
There is a Laotian service in the Laotian language in the santuary at 11:00 am. The Lao Youth, who have English as a first language meet in the fellowship hall for an English service.
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